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With This New Advanced Radar Detector, You Will Never Get a Traffic Ticket Again
Sunday, November 19 2017 | By John Wilson
Wouldn't it be nice if you never had to worry about getting a traffic ticket again? Well, today is your lucky day because today you get to know the product that will help you never pay for a speeding ticket again. This means unlike the rest of the world you will never have to pay a traffic ticket again.
You're driving down the road, top down, not a care in the world, and all of a sudden you catch a glimpse of flashing red and blue lights in your rearview mirror. Instinctively, you glance down at your speedometer noticing that you've been speeding. You pull over and wait for the officer to issue you your citation.

Around 35 million speeding tickets are issued each year in the Australia. 79% of Australians say they have gotten at least one speeding ticket so if you got one before, you are not alone!

The average fine for a speeding ticket in the Australia is $200, but most importantly, your auto insurance rates will also rise by 300% after you receive a speeding ticket! You have to spend thousands of dollars on tickets and insurance and there was nothing you could do about it, until now...

Luckily, that's all about to change. With the Titan Radar , you can detect police radar mile away! Australian drivers will no longer have to give their hard earned money away to the police. People are now driving in a smart way, saving them thousands of dollars.
Millions of Australians are already adopting this new technology.
For some of you who never experience using a radar * detector before, you might ask: What are they? Are they legal, and do they even work?

Basically, police catch you speeding with a doppler radar-based device, what we called a radar gun, that can dectect how fast a vechile is going. Most Australian police's radar guns use signals across a variety of wavelength bands: usually K, and Ka.

A radar detector can detect all police radar signals from a mile away, and raise an alarm to notify you and not risk the chance of receiving a speeding ticket.

The best part is that it is incredibly simple and easy to setup. Literally, all you need to do is take the device out of its box and put it in your car and turn it on. That's it! And because of how simple and easy it is to use, millions of Australian drivers have already started taking advantage of this new technology.
Why "Non-Speeders" Are Getting Titan Radar ?
A lot of people might be wondering why should I even be considering this? You aren’t a “speeder,” right?

Well, there’s the rub. The reality is most drivers travel roads where speed limits change at various points, often without their knowledge, elevating the risk of being caught in a trap. More to the point, the National Motorist Association estimates that 1/3 of all speed enforcement citations are erroneous.

When put in that light, it isn’t too hard to see the value in a detector. In fact, put simply, the detector pays for itself by saving a driver from only 1 ticket, not even mentioning the increase in your insurance premiums.

You invest in your car and insurance to protect yourself from accidents, from breakdowns, and from the carelessness of others. Why wouldn’t you invest to protect yourself from speeding fines as well? After all, in normal circumstances the alert from your detector will be nothing more than a reminder to check that your speed is still within the safe range in which you normally operate.
Now, before you decide to buy this device, it is important to note that when you are driving in the cities, Titan Radar can pick up a lot of random radar frequencies and provide false alert. But there is one easy fix for that, all you need to do is just switch the detector to CITY MODE and it will filter out false alert. In default, it is in HIGHWAY MODE.

The verdict: For how cost-effective and easy it is to use, you won't find a more economical and effective solution to avoid any speeding tickets. If you want to avoid tickets and tarnishing your driving record, you should try the Titan Radar . Also, is one of the top cities that issued most speed tickets. If you live in , you might want to consider getting a radar detector... Not only you will risk for paying expensive tickets, but also judges can actually add jail time to a speeding ticket’s punishment. If you're not happy with it, they even offer a full refund if you're not satisfied.

*Update: * - Since launching earlier this year, the Titan Radar is so popular it has sold over 425,000 units and over 30,000 units during its Holiday sale. Due to its popularity and long waiting list, they’ve decided to extend their holiday up to 62% discount.

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John Waiksnis Jr. ·
cops do not like because can't steal money off people
Wilma Kingsleigh ·
WHY No one ever tell me earlier about this damn amazing device??? I just got my stupid ticket last week, I am going to order one right now. Screw the tickets!
Fourh Guru ·
Holly crap this thing is amazing I've had it for a week just about and it has saved my life 3 times with highway patrol or the sheriffs, it has some false alarms like with garage doors opening and closing but other then that it's amazing for the price.
Al Sayers ·
Great insurance for the price. Has possibly saved me 2 tickets in a week. I do a lot of driving for my job and I can say it works as well, if not better than some of the more expensive detectors that I have had.
Ryan Fosters
This thing kept me out of several traffic tickets
Alice McDonald
This one has spared me many many tickets. Compared to the other 2 I bought from Best Buy which were both over $400 this one is better because it has lasted longer. The instant I hear it alert, I quickly break because the speed detectors cannot detect your speed if you do a quick break. Make sure it isn't on mute. Poor visual during the day but good at night which is when I need it. The only negative is you need to keep the detector charged, but I have 2 charge plugs in my car so its fine for me.